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Here are a few tips to keep your data and identity safe in the era of social media, and the advancement of technology.

Secure your devices

  • Always update your software. Outdated software have weaknesses and can be infiltrated. Do keep your computer updated with the latest software.
  • Viruses give criminals access to your computers and devices. Do ensure your anti-virus software are up to date.
  • Set strong password and PINs on your devices to increase your level of protection. (This includes your Mobile phone, Tablets, PC’s etc)
  • Update your browsers. This would make it difficult for viruses to infect your devices.
  • Wireless networks have weak security settings to help users connect to them easily.Review your wireless network security settings.

Secure your Personal Information

  • Never respond to unsolicited calls or emails from unknown people who ask for your personal information such as your date of birth, banking details etc
  • Phishing scams use false emails and websites to extract your login information. If you are to receive an email that includes a link to a website, do ensure that the website is genuine before visiting the site.
  • Your social network profile can possibly be targeted to solicit information about you. Do try to restrict your profile to friends and family, and be aware when sharing personal information over social networking sites.

Reporting Fraud

If you wish to report any suspicious activity or fraud kindly do so at